Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When I was a child, what seems like forever ago but really only a few years back I was afraid of storms. The wind, huge bolts of lightning, and loud thunder that just makes a home shake. Whether in a small home or a building the wind could destroy everything! Although I was never in a tornado I think my biggest fear was not necessarily a simple thunder storm but the fact that a small storm in seconds could change to a large swirling wind cloud destroying everything in its path. Losing pictures and memories and possibly even those who i love just made me cringe. Seeing tornados that went through small towns and took away everything so close to home freaked me out. I don't really have any specific stories but everytime I heard the sirens go off and the sky looked black I would bring my goldfish and certain pictures into the bathroom, knowing they were safe with me. Blankets, flashlights, and food just to be safe. I would sit in the bathroom in my basement until I knew the storm passed. This fear of storms, even though most times isn't a huge deal took over my mind. I felt as though this storm would come and take all away. If I suspected a storm was coming, nothing else that day really mattered I put all else aside. Similar to the book The Lord of the Flies, the boys fear of the beast takes over their mind. They are sure it will kill them all. A fear that leads them to kill Simon. A fear of something that wasn't even really there, something that was not at all harmful. Fears can change the mind set of a person, not allowing them to pursue daily activities and sometimes like the boys not think straight and do something that is not logical at all. To conclude this childhood fear sadly still sticks with me today not as extreme but the idea of a tornado still freaks me out!